Travelling to North Cyprus: What to Expect

March 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Culture

Cyprus is a unique island located in the Mediterranean. It is a few kilometers off the coast of Turkey. The Northern part of the island is inhabited by Turkish Cypriots while the Southern part has Greek Cypriots. If you are thinking of making the trip to North Cyprus, you are in for a few pleasant surprises:

  1. The inhabitants of the island, North Cypriots, are quite hospitable. It is not uncommon to be met with a warm smile and warm greeting of “Hoshgeldiniz”:  In North Cyprus, hospitality is a major defining feature of the cultural landscape. People are generally friendly, gracious and generous hosts. They would generally try to engage in some form of conversation despite any linguistic barriers which may exist.This behaviour is exhibited by both rich and poor on the island. In a sense, it can be a bit overwhelming for a visitor to the island albeit in a good way.
  2. There is mix of cultures in North Cyprus: there is a mix of Turkish and British culture on the island. Quite a few people on the island are multilingual. The major languages here are Turkish and English. Turkish culture is dominant while British cultural aspects are more subtle (Eg. cars drive on the left). From an economic perspective, the Turkish Lira, the British Pound and the Euro are freely used as legal tender in North Cyprus.
  3. Beautiful beaches: North Cyprus has a lot of beautiful beaches with clear water. The sea is so calm on the island. Swimming in the sea is a delightful experience that visitors to the island should definitely enjoy during their stay in North Cyprus.

These are just a few pleasant experiences that can expect have if you decide to take the plunge and visit North Cyprus. See you soon. Hoshgeldiniz!


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