The Karpaz Peninsula

September 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Iskele & Karpaz,Sights and Museums

With incredible beaches and breathtaking mountain scenery, the Karpaz Peninsula, also known as the “panhandle” never ceases to amaze. With its wild scenery untouched by mass tourism it is an area of North Cyprus that will definitely capture your heart. The history of this wild and rugged peninsula sets it apart from the rest of North Cyprus.
With so much history and uncontaminated natural beauty one would think that there would be an influx of tourist attractions, as well as more restaurants and hotels. The great appeal of the area is that it hasn’t been exploited by the mass tourism industry and it is still frozen in time; wild and beautiful. If you are planning a holiday in North Cyprus, this is an area you should definitely visit, with its great history fantastic wildlife, paradise beaches and amazing scenery. All in all, it is an area of outstanding beauty for countless reasons!


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