St. Nicholas Cathedral

September 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Famagusta,Sights and Museums

The breathtaking 14th-century Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which has since been transformed into a mosque named Lala Mustafa Camii, is one of the most important monuments in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus.

Sketched by the Frenchman Jean Langlois, St. Nicholas’ Cathedrals foundations were laid in 1298 and the building consecrated in 1326. Until 1372, the Lusignans kings came here to be crowned King of Jerusalem; a purely ceremonial honor, since the Lusignans lost the Holy Land in the 11th century.

Many royals were buried here, including James II the Bastard and his son James III; the last Lusignan rulers.  Furthermore it was the place where the history of Cyprus took a drastic turn when   the widow of James II renounced her royal rights and Relinquished Cyprus to the Doge of Venice in 1489 and the Venetian rule began.

One of the best examples of Gothic Architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean, St Nicholas Cathedral was inspired by that at Reims in France.


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