Othello’s Tower

September 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Famagusta,Sights and Museums

Probably the most famous part of the Venetian walls surrounding the city of Famagusta has to be the Citadel, also known as Othello’s Castle. Originally built by  the Lusignans it was later completely re-modelled, and turned into a military stronghold by the Venetians, with the help of Leonardo “Da Vinci” and the famous military architect “Nicolo Foscarini” in 1492. His name eternally engraved next to the Lion of St Mark on a stone plaque that hangs gracefully above the tower.  It is from this magnificent structure and its many legends that the famous Shakespeare created the play “Othello”.

Extraordinary views of Famagusta and the surrounding area can be seen from the tower, with St Nicholas Cathedral dominating the scenery.


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