September 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Nicosia,Sights and Museums

Nicosia, the 1000 year old capital of both North Cyprus and the ROC without a doubt should be on every visitor’s agenda. Capital since the era of “Richard the Lion Heart”, it is the only divided capital in Europe; split by the famous “Green Line”. It lies approximately in the center of the island, within easy reach of other towns and attractions.

Its ancient roots date back to 3rd century BC when it was founded by the Egyptian Prince Lefkon, still immortalised in the capitals name; Lefkosa (in Turkish) and Lefkosia (in Greek). A walk through the old city is to step back in time. Narrow streets and old houses with a mixture of beautiful architecture from past civilizations, intertwined with modern contemporary buildings, and craftsmen in small workshops that still practice trades unchanged for centuries makes Lefkosa a unique experience.

Apart from the many places of interest left from past cultures with memories of many generations, the present Lefkosa is a dynamic city with an attractive modern look. The uniqueness of such combinations makes the capital of North Cyprus a place worth visiting!


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