Famagusta City Walls

September 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Famagusta,Sights and Museums

At the zenith of its wealth and status, the walls around the town of Famagusta, North Cyprus undoubtedly had ample to defend. The city of Famagusta was first fortified by the Lusignans Kings, followed by the Venetians who further secured the town by amplifying the walls heigth/width and by constructing a moat around the circumference of the fortress.  They also re-modified the towers/bastions in order to house the powerful canons designed and built by the best Italian craftsmen.  Even today examples of this historic warfare can be seen doted around the old city.

The product of these powerful civilizations remain today, for us to admire and respect;  city walls up to nine meters thick and with a height of fifteen meters, still gracefully protect the fascinating and extraordinary buildings that lie within.


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