Diving in North Cyprus

September 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Leisure

The Seas of Northern Cyprus offers a truly unforgettable experience below and above water. Thousands of visitors a year are seduced by this area’s unique combination of spectacular marine life, welcoming climate, warm water and stunning scenery.

Surrounded by the deep blue of the Mediterranean and washed by the gentle currents carrying marine life from the Red Sea, makes the coastal waters of Northern Cyprus a unique diving experience.

With remarkable visibility, vivid colour, and an abundance of marine flora and fauna, coupled by an underwater topography with spectacular coastline of gently sloping beaches, steep vertical walls, arches, tunnels, caves, canyons, reefs and ancient wrecks, it is the perfect place for novice and experienced divers to explore its natural beauty and mysterious history.  Even below the aquamarine waters there are secrets from ancient civilizations.  The sea floor is littered with amphoras, ship wrecks and thousand year old anchors from the ancient days of commercial shipping in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Northern Cyprus is also home to the magnificent green and loggerhead sea turtles. There are few diving experiences more compelling than the opportunity to observe and swim with these marvellous creatures.

With its all year round warm climate, crystal clear waters, average sea temperatures of 24c it’s the perfect diving destination, slowly becoming a world renowned dive region.


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