September 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Culture

Folk art in Northern Cyprus is part of its History and tradition. As far back as ancient times, the island has been famous for its handicrafts, from lace work and embroidery to basketry and pottery it is the perfect place to find a suitable present for your loved ones at home.

Wicker work in general is the Cypriot craft and souvenir par excellence.  Flat woven trays or deep baskets are woven by women and are completely handmade, with only an awl as a tool.  “Wicker” is used here generically; willows are almost nonexistent, and the main raw materials are certain kinds of wheat straws, grasses, palm fronds and a local cane plant.

The arts and crafts are a legacy of the various conquerors and the people they brought with them. From the earliest clay utensils to exquisitely decorated ceramics, the silk trade that was once so prolific, and lace-making of such intricate patterns that the finest lace has become synonymous with Cyprus, weaving of many different textiles into wall hangings, carpets or furniture coverings. This is all part of Cypriot culture that has been developed by its ethnic people.


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